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James Crawford

Bloodsport analogy is class. To see Jean Claude Van Damme stagger around like that, with a bleeding nose and a crazed look in his eye was was prophetic and emblematic of his later day 'problems'. Reminds me of Zuckerberg, sort of.

Igor Schwarzmann

Ferdnando, I've wrote something up on this matter aswell: http://www.wiredvanity.com/articles/59/we-need-better-browsers-not-better-social-networks

Thing is, I don't really think that Diaspora can actually fulfil the expectations that have been created with all the attention they are getting right now. It's not a healthy growth and those four guys - as good as they may be - are probably not prepared to deliver a product that will even nearly satisfy the expectations or be something that resembles "an open facebook".

That said, it is nice to see that people care that much and that so many are actually prepared to give away a bit of money just to see an alternative for facebook. Definitely a good sign for the openness of the web.

Michael Cohn

The judges should have suspected something when Van Damme punched thin air right after that, facing the wrong direction. The question is, can Zuckerberg do the trick with the brick? Or will the agents coming to bring him back to civilization succeed in tasing him before he can redeem his violated girlfriend and his hospitalized buddy?

Fernando Rizo

Igor, you raise some really interesting points in that post, thanks for the link. I don't disagree that we need better browsers, but I don't think that's mutually exclusive from our need for a social network that isn't in the hands of one private concern.

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