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Ged Carroll

Its as much about context as anything else and Facebook's general purpose model just doesn't work that well.

Jed Hallam

For me, Facebook became a lot more useful with groups (and the people that can be bothered to set up groups) because you take a wide net of people that you share a social graph with, then compound them into interest groups - and Twitter was the same with lists.

Mat Morrison

I went through a cull of my Facebook friends a couple of years ago after a colleague I'd barely met in an office I rarely visited took exception to a passing comment I had made on a campaign she had asked the entire company to promote through their social channels. I'm sure you can imagine the gist of the comment, so I won't repeat it here.

More recently, I used friend lists heavily. I put a lot of people into limited profile. I have a group of strong ties, and a group called 'weak ties' and I use Facebook's posting controls to select which group (or custom set of people) I publish to.

I quite LIKE the serendipity of Facebook's EdgeRank (although in a professional capacity I do everything I can to circumvent it, of course). I like the odd relationships and glimpses into my extended social circle that it affords me.

I should however probably split my lists further -- and have one called "f*ck 'em if they can't take a joke" and rigorously exclude them from certain posts.

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