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Lon S. Cohen

Very interesting. I think you're on to something here. Google Reader seems to do one thing very well and adding the ability to comment and share makes it Social. Like Twitter it's focused, succinct. Facebook is broad, pervasive so it's very useful for connecting and sharing but not good at all for having an extended, focused conversation that others can either follow of comment on.

Fernando Rizo

Lon that is a great point and one that I honestly hadn't fully considered. Part of the appeal of Reader is definitely the laser focus, and indeed the slower pace of it. Status updates, shared links, and what not cascade down the Facebook homepage all day - Reader shares are more easily accessible and the Reader experience is much more sedate, by contrast.


Interesting. I recently just embraced the meme that the RSS Reader is dead and unnecessary with current browser improvements (see Slate article "Kill Your RSS Reader" as reference). I may need to give Google Reader another look.

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